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  • Wow! This is great. The wooden box is beautiful, the coffee is great, and snacks too? So good. - Judy M.

  • I like my coffee black and normally eat sweets separately, so this is perfect. -Bill R.

  • People spend so much on Starbucks and this is way better. -Michelle V. 

  • Match Made Coffee not only introduces me to new coffee roasters and flavors that I wouldn't normally pick for myself, but the snacks that are included just make the experience that much better! -Anne D.

  • I want to get this for the whole office now. I love it and they think it's a great idea. I hope I can get the boss to get it for us too. -Juan O.

  • What a great idea! Coffee and snacks matched like wines and cheeses. I never heard of that before and it's fantastic! -Christi R.

  • Getting snacks that match kind of like wine tasting is cool -AJ M.

  • I would definitely recommend this box. I was on the fence about trying a few different coffee subscriptions, but after reading that this actually included snack pairings too made me choose this one. -Uriah R.