About Us


Our mission is to create a unique international coffee pairing experience with every match we make.  

New Tastes, New Experiences

Taste the newest and best coffees across the globe, from the comfort of your home. Experience a match made in heaven each time you pair your newly delivered coffee roasts with their complementary snack.   


Who We Are

With a shared passion for craft coffee, we founded Match Made Coffee as a family endeavor to share our coffee exploration and discoveries with everyone.    

Each of the three of us has developed our own unique tastes and favorite roasts, which ultimately resulted in the inclusion of the three distinctly different roasts and snacks included in each month’s box. We understand that flavor palates vary, so we curate this box specifically to help everyone find at least one perfect match each month. Though, if a match we made is not to your liking, sharing it with someone else would be an excellent way to make a friend!    

In our hometown of Oceanside, California, we are excited to see the craft coffee industry beginning to thrive in our own backyard. Through our extensive travels and time living abroad, however, we have seen that this craft has been flourishing for a long time in many places. Across the globe, each region has developed unique roasting techniques and flavor profiles that are just waiting to be discovered alongside a unique treat for an unmatched experience.   

We are thrilled to be taking our customers on a journey each month to uncover new tastes and experiences with their cup of coffee, and hope that you will join us.