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What is Match Made Coffee?

Every month, your Match Made Coffee subscription box will introduce you to new artisanal coffee roasts from around the world, as well as their perfectly matched snack. 

Wine sommeliers are popular because they have been bringing out the best flavors in wine by pairing them with foods and snacks. Craft beers are gaining popularity because of the nearly unlimited variations based on regional differences in preparation and tastes. Match Made Coffee combines the best of both of these worlds. You get to taste the newest and best coffees from across the globe, and you also get expertly curated snacks designed to complement and enhance the unique flavors in each brew. 

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How It Works

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2. We Curate Your Box

We search the world for the best coffee & snacks, and ensure you get top shelf tastes.

3. Indulge and Relax

Enjoy our perfectly matched international coffee pairings, from the comfort of your home.

What's Inside?

Deluxe Monthly Subscription

The Deluxe Monthly Subscription box includes a handpicked selection of three top-rated coffee roasts (2.5oz each), as well as three perfectly matched snacks that are chosen to complement each of the unique roasts. Each month you will also receive a pairing guide to help explore your new coffee matches. 

Deluxe subscribers will receive their first shipment  in a beautifully crafted wooden chest that can be used for future storage of your coffee pairings. This also makes it the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life!

Sampler Monthly Subscription

The Sampler Monthly Subscription box includes a handpicked selection of two top-rated coffee roasts (2oz each), as well as two perfectly matched snacks. Each month you will also receive a pairing guide to help explore your new coffee matches. 

This is the perfect way to indulge your taste buds on a budget!


As Seen On:


I would definitely recommend this box. I was on the fence about trying a few different coffee subscriptions, but after reading that this actually included snack pairings too made me choose this one. The first package came in a really cool wooden box that I can keep the coffee in. Everything tastes great. Definitely try it.

-Uriah R.


I'm hooked! I have always enjoyed trying new coffee, but couldn't find very much variety around town. Match Made Coffee not only introduces me to new coffee roasters and flavors that I wouldn't normally pick for myself, but the snacks that are included just make the experience that much better! I am so excited for my next delivery! 

-Anne D.


 Just recently I really started getting into coffees of all sorts. It's been tough to find good international coffees, and what surprised me was that there was also this local and craft coffee scene that I didn't know about. Getting snacks that match kind of like wine tasting is cool too. I can't wait to see what comes next month. 

-A.J. M.